Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

1. Students will create webpages for their photoshop sites and import them into Frontpage
2. Students will create hyperlinks for their navigation bar.

1. Slice up your Image Using the SLICE tool. (At least 3 Slices!)
2. Save your image 4 times (1 for each page!) - Use the Save for Web and Devices Function.

  • #1. Start with your INDEX folder ON then Save for Web and Devices as "website" - Click on 4-Up and choose the one in the right corner. Choose "HTML and IMAGES" (Make sure you create a new folder in My Documents to save your work)
  • #2. Next turn on your BIO folder and hide the INDEX folder. Save for Web and Devices as "bio" and choose "IMAGES ONLY"
  • #3. Repeat Step #2 for all the page folders you have

  • #1. Start MS Frontpage
  • #2. Go to File > Close Site (or File > Close, if Close site isn't available) to make sure you're not editing someone else's website.
  • #3. Go to File > New. On the Wizard box on your right choose "One Page Website"
  • #4. In the space that says "SPECIFY THE NEW LOCATION FOR THE NEW WEBSITE" click BROWSE. Navigate to the folder My Documents > My Websites and type your name P5-First-Last and click Open.
  • #5. Navigate to the folder with your WEBSITE.HTML file and open it up.
  • #6. Make sure that the folders panel is on the left (Do ALT-F1 to bring it up)

4. CREATE Webpages for each page

  • #1. Click File > Save As > index.htm
  • #2. Click File > Save As > bio.htm
  • #2. Click File > Save As > folio.htm
  • #3. Click File > Save As > contact.htm

5. Open each of your files

6. In your Folders Panel on the Left, Create a new folder called "SLIDESHOW"

  • Copy all your favorite design files into that folder (Copy - Paste).
  • Copy at least 7

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