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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


1. Students will understand the term branding by creating a report about a company's marketing strategy.

Warm up:
If you haven't finished your online portfolio, please complete this first before the warm-up.

Read the following

The name is the most important element of a successful brand. Packaging changes, advertising changes, products even change but brand names never change. Where do great brand names come from? All different sources, they may come from family names or perhaps the inventor’s favorite color or animal or sometimes the names are just completely made up. For example, McDonald’s is a family name, Adidas was created from the inventors name Adi Dassler, Volvo
means “to roll” in Latin and KODAK was completely made up by the inventor George Eastman because he thought it was unusual and different.

Now answer the questions on your blog. Be prepared to share out:

1. Why are brand names important?
2. Name three different sources of brand names.
3. Do you think brands are important? Why?
4. Do you have a favorite brand? What is it and why do you like it?

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