Thursday, February 5, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

Final Practical Review

Today you will review techniques...

Please create a THANK YOU POST CARD (6 inches x 4 inches 300 DPI) Landscape OR Portrait for the DONORS who purchased Photoshop for us. In this composition you must include: (1) A note telling them thanks for their donation and how this program is going to help you become a better artist, (2) Your first name (not your last!), (3) 2 -3 Photos (HI RES) from

In your composition use 2-3 of the following techniques/elements:
1. Assymetrical Balance
2. Warm Colors or Cool Colors (Don't choose both!)
3. Max of 2 Fonts
4. Layer Masks (HINT: to blend pics!)
5. Blending Modes (HINT: Normal vs. Screen, etc.)
6. Paths
7. Brushes, lines, etc.
8. Layer Blends (like dropshadows, etc.)

Save your file as THANKYOUNOTE.psd and as a jpeg.

Email to me at the end of the period!

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