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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Students will use previously learned techniques to complete a lengthy tutorial.

Mini Project:
Today you will create this:
Second Splash
In order to create this composition, you will need to know how to do the following techniques:
  • Cropping a picture using the PEN tool
  • Changing the color of a selection using the HUE / SATURATION tool
  • Stroking paths with different brushes (adjusting the brush properties)
You will also learn a few new techniques today. Consider this a REVIEW for your FINAL exam!

Step #1: Download the following pictures below
Step #2: Create a new composition and background
  • 500 x 647 pixels
  • 300 DPI
  • Use the GRADIENT tool with the following colors (Foreground: #ceed12, Background: #186600)
  • Use the tool to create a background that looks like what you see below
Gradient Done

Step 3: Put the Bottle in the composition AS A NEW LAYER and adjust the size, use Free Transform to turn it.
Bottle In

Step 4: Cut out the Bottle using the PEN tool or MARQUEE TOOL.
Bottle No White

Step 5: Use the HUE/SATURATION tool to change the color of the bottle to match the background!
Green Bottle

Step 6: Bring the LEAVES into the composition using the same way that you brought in the bottle and cut them out, placing them around the bottle as shown below:
Bottle Leaves

Step 6: Adding Elipses (circles) that glow
  • Use the ELLIPSE tool (from Shape Paths) to create the ELIPSE in the example.
  • Remember, if you are using a SHAPE paths tool, make sure you select the PATH setting!
Ellipse Tool Options

Oval Path

Step 7: Stroke the path ON A NEW LAYER!!!!

Step 8: Right click on the layer and adjust the blending options
Outer Glow
Color Overlay

Step 9: Copy the layers and transform layer so that it looks like this:


Step 10: Make other strokes like below (USE OTHER BRUSHES!) and adjust the blending properties
Bottle Strokes

Step 11: Add a NEW layer called "BUBBLES"

Add the "Bubbles" using the following brush settings:
Brush Tip Settings
Brush Tip Shape
Shape Dynamics
Shape Dynamics
Color Dynamics
Color Dynamics

Second Splash

WANT THE SPLASH? Check out this tutorial:

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