Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009

1. Students will set up their blogs as portfolios for critical review.
2. Students will complete their updated ipod ads.

Warm up:
Set up your PORTFOLIO for REVIEW.

1. Create a NEW POST on your blog called "YOUR NAME'S SEMESTER 1 PORTFOLIO REVIEW"
2. Write a 1 paragraph introduction of yourself for your critic: (Your name, grade, school, etc. Why are you interested in graphic design? Why did you take this class.)
2. From your list of 5 that your reflected on for homework, choose 3 of your best compositions. (Hint: Make sure these compositions are your best, and use the most incorporated techniques! You may include today's composition if you would like to).
3. In the following format, set up your reflection for each comp:
  • The Title of the Comp and a link to the blog post
  • Techniques: List all techniques used
  • Justify Your Grade: According to the rubric provided, justify your grade for guidelines, effort/technique, and creativity.
  • Reflection: Why did you give yourself that grade and why should your critic do the same? What made you choose this as an example of your best work? (The more you write, the more the critic will understand your creativity! Try to write a paragraph or so.)

The post below is an example of what I'm looking for:


Example #1 IPOD AD - REMIX

Prominent Techniques used:

  • Pen Tool (Cutting out the silhouette)
  • Creating Paths, Stroking Paths
  • Brushes
  • Blending Modes

Personal Grade: A-

Justify Your Grade:

  • Guidelines: This is definitely an A for guidelines since I followed the tutorial very carefully. I used the pics I was supposed to use.
  • Techniques: A. Because I've used these techniques before on previous compositions, I mastered them earlier. It was really easy to do a clean job in cutting out my silhouette and creating paths to stroke later.
  • Creativity: A-. I used different colors from the tutorial and added a colored curve that went around my silhouette. I really like it.


  • This is one of my best work because of the time it took me to create it. It looks great and I am proud of what I was able to really does look like the actual iPod ad.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

1. Students will complete an updated version of their IPOD commercials using the new techniques learned.

Go here

Finished Product

My Layers Setup for this comp

If you want to try to put it on a billboard, use this picture:

Here's what it can look like: (Use the FREE TRANSFORM tools!)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

1. Students will sign up for a stock photo site
2. Students will create a composition incorporating layer masks and transfer modes.

Warm up:
Go to:
Sign up for a FREE account. Use your animojustice username as your username for this site.

1. Today is Chinese New Year. Create a desktop background about Chinese new year.
Use these guidelines:
  • 3 Pictures
  • Blended with Layer Masks
  • Apply 1 transfer blend.
  • Text

You may use any other technique that you've learned so far to make it look cool.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

1. Students will explore the world of TRANSFER BLENDING by creating a picture of each transfer mode by blending a gradient with a picture.

2. Students will use a CLIPPING mask and transfer blending to change the texture of a dress.

1. WARM UP (Digital Zen)
2. Next Week: Ketchup and Prep for Portfolio Review
3. More about transfer layers
4. Transfer Blending Activity

Warm up (Digital Zen)
1. Please complete and UPLOAD all your Blending Mode Pictures. You should have a total of 25 pictures.
Tutorial Activity:
Follow the tutorial at the link below, read it. Click and drag the example picture onto photoshop and complete the editing.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dear Students:
I'm out sick this morning. Thanks ahead of time for your well-wishes. I hope to be back to work tomorrow, depending on how I feel.

Please remember the simple rules that when I am gone, all you need to do is
  1. Respect: Your peers, The Sub, and Our Classroom
  2. Complete the work quietly and with quality
  3. Turn in your work (via email)
  4. Surf the internet (QUIETLY) when you are done.
I really want to hear from the sub that period 5 was obviously my advanced, and best class!. Please make me proud to be your teacher! :)

Below is your assignment! READ IT CAREFULLY SO THAT YOU GET FULL CREDIT (notice that you will be sending it to a different EMAIL address!). GET TO IT!

Objective(s):1. Students will explore the world of TRANSFER BLENDING by creating a picture of each transfer mode by blending a gradient with a picture.

1. WARM UP (Digital Zen)
2. Transfer Blending Activity

Warm up (Digital Zen)
1. Write your feelings about our nation's first African American President.  What does this mean to you and to people of color? What do you hope he will accomplish in the next 4 years?  

Transfer blending is a simple way to blend layers together and how they react with one another.

READ THIS before starting

(By the way, I have shown this activity to Ammy and to Jennifer and perhaps to one other person.  Please ask them how to create these comps if you get stuck!)

1. Create a 10 inch x 5 inch (72 dpi) composition
2. Drag this picture onto photoshop

3. Copy the picture 2x so that you have one on the left and one on the right in your composition 
4. Create a new layer
5. Draw a marquee around the right photograph
6. Apply a Spectrum Linear Gradient (The rainbow one!) to your selection.
7. Apply transfer mode to blend
8. Choose an opacity you like.
9. Save as the name of the transfer. (For example: normal.jpg as your first picture, then dissolve.jpg as your second picture, then darken.jpg as your third picture.  You may Create a folder to save it to)
10. Upload all the flattened jpg images for your blog.

The DARKEN.jpg should like this:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Students will use previously learned techniques to complete a lengthy tutorial.

Mini Project:
Today you will create this:
Second Splash
In order to create this composition, you will need to know how to do the following techniques:
  • Cropping a picture using the PEN tool
  • Changing the color of a selection using the HUE / SATURATION tool
  • Stroking paths with different brushes (adjusting the brush properties)
You will also learn a few new techniques today. Consider this a REVIEW for your FINAL exam!

Step #1: Download the following pictures below
Step #2: Create a new composition and background
  • 500 x 647 pixels
  • 300 DPI
  • Use the GRADIENT tool with the following colors (Foreground: #ceed12, Background: #186600)
  • Use the tool to create a background that looks like what you see below
Gradient Done

Step 3: Put the Bottle in the composition AS A NEW LAYER and adjust the size, use Free Transform to turn it.
Bottle In

Step 4: Cut out the Bottle using the PEN tool or MARQUEE TOOL.
Bottle No White

Step 5: Use the HUE/SATURATION tool to change the color of the bottle to match the background!
Green Bottle

Step 6: Bring the LEAVES into the composition using the same way that you brought in the bottle and cut them out, placing them around the bottle as shown below:
Bottle Leaves

Step 6: Adding Elipses (circles) that glow
  • Use the ELLIPSE tool (from Shape Paths) to create the ELIPSE in the example.
  • Remember, if you are using a SHAPE paths tool, make sure you select the PATH setting!
Ellipse Tool Options

Oval Path

Step 7: Stroke the path ON A NEW LAYER!!!!

Step 8: Right click on the layer and adjust the blending options
Outer Glow
Color Overlay

Step 9: Copy the layers and transform layer so that it looks like this:


Step 10: Make other strokes like below (USE OTHER BRUSHES!) and adjust the blending properties
Bottle Strokes

Step 11: Add a NEW layer called "BUBBLES"

Add the "Bubbles" using the following brush settings:
Brush Tip Settings
Brush Tip Shape
Shape Dynamics
Shape Dynamics
Color Dynamics
Color Dynamics

Second Splash

WANT THE SPLASH? Check out this tutorial:

Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

1. Students will learn about layer masking techniques.

1. When people paint their homes, they use painter's tape or masking tape. Why do you think that they use this? If you've never painted before, look on the internet for these materials and tell me why you think painters use tape.

Masking Tutorial:
Masking allows us to cover up portions of a picture with a LAYER MASK. We can then paint on top of the LAYER mask with either BLACK or WHITE or GRAY to reveal what is underneath the mask.

Now try this tutorial and post it onto your blog:

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Recreate this:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Students will learn brush tools and adjust their properties by creating a curly composition.

1. Warm Up (Digital Zen)
2. Tutorial Brushes
3. Mini Project

Warm Up:
1. Open Photoshop create a 3inch x 3inch 72 dpi Composition.

2. Draw 3 SEPARATE paths using the pen tool as shown below. Use the NEW button to create 3 separate paths.

3. Fill the background with a DARK COLOR

4. Create 3 Separate Layers on top of the background, name them "Path 1" Path 2" "Path 3"

Brushes Composition

- Use as many brush stylings as possible
- Download new brushes and add them to your collection (

- Have a background that you create yourself (NOT from the Internet)

- Text "Brush Fun"

- Text - Your Name

Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday, January 5, 2009



1. Students will reflect on their vacation and make a quick visual composition of what they did during their Break.


1. Warm up & Assignment

Digital Zen:

1. What did you do these past 2 weeks for vacation? List 8 Things that you did during the break no matter how mundane or boring they may sound. With each thing, write the day you engaged in that activity.

For example:

1. Washed my Mom's Car (monday, week 1)

2. Organized the Garage (tuesday, week 1)

3. Went to Disneyland (thursday, week 1)

4. Went out to see Improv Comedy (Saturday, week 2)

5. Went to Universal Studios to chime in the new year (Wednesday, Week 2)

6. Drove to Delano to be with Family (Monday, week 2)

7. Had Christmas Dinner with Family at home (Tuesday, Week 1)

8. Went to Midnight Mass (Wednesday, Week 1)

1. 1024 x 768 (72 dpi)

2. Use Any color scheme

3. Use picture(s) from the NET

4. Use Assymetrical Layout

5. Title

6. Text Description

7. no more than 2 fonts