Monday, December 1, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Students will:
1. Understand the different modes that photoshop uses to define and describe colors by reading an online tutorial on Photoshop Colors and completing the 2 assignments.

1. Digital Zen // Tribute
2. Lecture on Colors
3. Colors in a photo activity.

Digital Zen:
1. Have you ever lost someone? Who? When? Describe how you felt. If you've never lost someone, think of someone that is really important in your life and what that day would be like when you loose this person.

Colors in a photo activity:
1. Download any photo from the internet. Make sure it is of high quality and resolution. You can go to google and choose LARGE or EXTRA LARGE pictures. -- CHOOSE one with MANY colors!

2. Use the Shape Path tool to create 4-5 SPOTS that you will sample colors from

3. Create a new layer on the picture and call it, "SPOTS"

4. Stroke your paths with brush size 4 and with white (or any color that will show)

5. Now label each SPOT (HSB, RGB, CMYK, and HEX) - Please use 1 CLEAR Font. (No special fonts please--if possible, use sans-serif)

6. Save as JPEG, and/or PSD (If you feel you want to edit it later).

7. Email JPEG to me, then POST on blog.

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