Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008

By the end of this week's sessions students will:

1. Be assessed their first notebook check.
2. Understand expression using Fonts by creating signs that show appropriate use of fonts.
3. Know the difference between a Serif and Sans-Serif
4. Know alignment, tracking, and kerning.

5. Sign up for a DEVIANT ART portfolio account

1. Digital Zen
2. The 411
3. Lecture: Typefaces
4. Typeface Worksheet
5. Typeface Mini-Project.

Digital ZEN
Please answer the following questions. Make sure you write in complete sentences!!!!

1. What is the difference between a SERIF font and a SANS-SERIF font?

2. What is a SERIF?

3. Open PhotoShop and create a 5x3 72 dpi image.

- Import a picture from the internet

- Use a MAXIMUM of 2 FONTS only to come up with a HEADING and a SLOGAN for how you feel today. YOU MUST USE APPROPRIATE TYPEFACES FOR THE EMOTION YOU ARE TRYING TO EXPLAIN. And DON'T WRITE ALOT! Let the FONT, Tracking, and Size speak for itself!

- Save as a JPEG file (NOT A PSD!)

- Then POST this on your blog (just like I did below)


010 - TypeFaces Notes

011 - TypeFaces MiniProject

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