Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

By the end of today's session students will:
1. Review PowerPoint
2. Complete a Survey
3. Be assigned emails and blogs.

1. Zen
2. Computer Survey Questionnaire
3. Print Ads PowerPoint
4. Exit Slip

1. What is due today?
2. What seat are you seated in?
3. What did you do this weekend? Be descriptive, I'm looking for 8 sentences.

PowerPoint Print Ads

•4 slides; each slide has 1 ad
–Full Color (millions), 3 Color scheme, No text, one of your own choice.
–1 Title Text Box
–1 Text box with the following information: What is the ad trying to sell? What components of design do you see in this ad(talk about color scheme, choice of font, pictures, etc.)
–Include custom animation for 1 of the components
–If you use a background, please use 1 color…we want to focus on the ad, not your background.

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