Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thursday, September 11, 2008

By the end of today's session students will:
1. Become familiar with the class syllabus through Mr. Aguda's presentation, popcorn reading and the completion of a syllabus scavenger hunt.
2. Discuss graphic design and class-topic ideas.

1. Warm Up (Half-Sheet)
2. Mr. Aguda's Introduction
3. The Syllabus
4. Good Design (Group Work)

Tonight's Homework:
By next Tuesday, bring the required materials as shown in the syllabus.

Why are you interested in this class? Explain what you would like to learn during this year in Advanced Technology. What are you interested in creating? What are you interested in learning to do? Are there any specific software you would like Mr. Aguda to cover?

Exit Slip: (don't copy)
1.What are all the required materials for this class?
2. When are they due?

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