Sunday, September 21, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

By the end of this week's sessions students will:
1. Discuss and analyze the main components of composition by determining what components are most important in a composition and ordering them.
2. Become familiar with the principles of graphic design by viewing examples of them and then creating similar designs on PowerPoint.

1. Zen
2. Important Factors in Composition
3. Debrief
4. Blog Journal Time

1. What's your blog address?
2. Is there a difference between being creative and being artistic? (Hint: Creativity is your ability to create, while Artistry is governed by the rules and principles of art like balance, space, contrast, etc).  Can you be creative if you were given specific rules to follow? (1-2 paragraphs, 9 sentences)

Basic Principles in Graphic Design Activity

Take a look at these designs. One of them follows the graphic design principles for composition, one of them doesn't. Which one of them do you find more effective and why?

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