Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

By the end of today's session students will:
1. Review PowerPoint
2. Complete a Survey
3. Be assigned blogs, adding widgets to blogs

1. Zen
2. Computer Survey Questionnaire
3. Print Ads PowerPoint (continued)
4. Sign up for new blogs
5. Widget additions // Blog Rolls

1. What is your email address?
2. What's the new blog website for Mr. Aguda's advanced tech class?
3. Take a look at this ad ((CLICK HERE)). What is this ad telling you? Who created it? (Hint: if you don't know, google it!) What are they trying to "sell?" Why is it powerful or effective? Write 1 paragraph answering these questions!

PowerPoint Print Ads
•4 slides; each slide has 1 ad
–Full Color (millions), 3 Color scheme, No text, one of your own choice.
–1 Title Text Box
–1 Text box with the following information: What is the ad trying to sell? What components of design do you see in this ad(talk about color scheme, choice of font, pictures, etc.)
–Include custom animation for 1 of the components
–If you use a background, please use 1 color…we want to focus on the ad, not your background.

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